How Colour Can Change The Way You Feel

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Be colourful outside, feel colourful inside...

Did you know the colour you wear can affect how you feel? I know what I wear can impact how I feel all day! If you need to feel uplifted or need to relax, maybe something as simple as what you pick out of the wardrobe could change your mood.


This is a colour that is full of energy and a symbol of life. Wear red and you will feel empowered, confident and sassy. Its heavy associations with romance and passion will make you also feel at your best for any date night! Enjoy!

red dress two ways to wear
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Similar to red, this colour will give you energy, but it’s softer. Wearing it is going to make you feel uplifted, positive and enthusiastic. Pick the right shade for your skin tone- there’s the right orange out there for you from coral to spicy rust. 

orange knit
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Peaceful, serene, calming and creative. If you wear blue it will make you feel less stressed and encourage positive thinking.  People talk about blue sky thinking – just wearing blue can help you be creative!

blue knitted dress
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This is a colour that inevitably will make you feel feminine & happy, but look out! Bright pink is going to make you much more vibrant and stimulated, pale pink will be much more relaxing. Which one is right for you today?

pink cardigan


No wonder black endures – Wear for work it conveys seriousness, authority and responsibility, so as soon as you slip it on, straight away you will take in these qualities. Wear for play – it will definitely bring out your inner rock chick…

black women's blazer
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Its close association with nature makes this colour calming, It’s about growth and renewal so wearing it should restore us to a sense of well-being when life has left you feeling a bit drained (don’t we all have those days occasionally?) 

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The colour of calm, peace and serenity – put this on and you will face the day with a fresh outlook. As it reflects light you will feel the effects of sunshine even on an autumnal day. How wonderful is that!

white shirt
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Its history means this colour is associated with wealth and wisdom – wearing it will give you an inner glow of confidence and independence.

purple animal dress
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As a neutral, halfway between black and white, this is the colour to wear for calm composure.It won’t encourage high emotions, this is the colour for stability and solidity. Add a bit of silver and hey-ho all of a sudden its much more illuminating! Get ready to sparkle!

grey ruched tunic
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Hope reading this has made you want to experiment – we should all make our lives a little more colourful!

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