Introducing #TeamHarpenne: Meet our MD, Fiona Lambert

Introducing our #TeamHarpenne series, where you get to discover where our burning passion and ideas for beautiful, versatile clothes stem from. We feel it’s important for you to know the ins and outs of Harpenne, from the design process to social media. Focusing on each of our team members every month, explore & find out more about what gives our style, attitude.

Fiona lambert harpenne

Hi! I’m Fiona, Managing Director of Harpenne.

I’m married with two amazing children, Georgia , 26 and Charlie, 23 and also own a couple of rescue cats, Paddy and Max. I was brought up in a family where dressmaking and tailoring was in our DNA - as a child I pinned up hems on the dresses my mum made for people. I wanted with a passion to be a fashion designer from aged 11, so I studied fashion at university and got my first job with the entrepreneur George Davies as a designer and pattern cutter. George Davies started many brands with great success and I've had a fabulous career in fashion that keeps me creative and energised every single day. This has lead to me starting Harpenne today, designing clothes we want to make you feel good inside and out.

What do I do in my spare time?

Friends and family are very important to me and I love to cook and entertain to bring everyone together. I love travelling where I can see and absorb history and culture (and of course shop!) Italy is my favourite destination. I keep fit and alternate anything from salsa lessons to boxing to running to keep me motivated!

What do I love about Harpenne?

I got the desire to start a brand that caters to women who want style not fashion, want to get noticed for the right reasons - details, a bit of a quirky styling, great quality and cut that suits their shape. Why should we want to slavishly follow fashion trends when we want clothes that last! Style lasts where fashion fades! I think it really important that you feel confident and happy in your clothes as I know just how great you can feel when someone pays you a compliment. We want Harpenne to be a brand that talks to you like your best friend outside the changing room, tells you when you look amazing, gives you the confidence to step outside your comfort zone and try something different, but also doesn't force you to buy something thats not you.

Whats my favourite piece?

I absolutely love our purple animal print dress, its a twist on a classic tie front which is really flattering, the fringing brings a hint of rock chick and the dippy hem makes it a bit quirky - just like me I guess!

purple animal print