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Welcome to Harpenne - We are thrilled you’re here.
We have a burning passion to create beautiful, versatile clothes with a bit of an edge. From seam to screen, we hope our ranges will become your wardrobe favourites, as you’ll always get a compliment from a friend (or a stranger!) when you wear them. Our ranges are as versatile as your schedule, and are perfect for adding a touch of attitude to your look - effortlessly.
To help us bring Harpenne to life, we have spoken to lots of you about what clothes and styles make you feel good inside and outside. Now you are here, we want you to keep talking to us, keep the conversation going and to create a community. Tell us what you love, tell us what else you’d like, send us your photos using #TeamHarpenne and compliment someone else!
Because you can’t be your best self, until you find your tribe...
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